Cutting-Edge Cannabis Dispensary Banking

Streamlined. Affordable. Secure.

Dispensary Banking Solutions

Confia’s dispensary banking account allows for hassle-free, transparent, and secure purchases or transactions through sophisticated software and automated compliance.


Easily send and schedule payments to acquire products with our targeted dispensary banking solutions.


Accept wholesale payments by ACH, wire, or check deposit with our efficient and intuitive platform.


With Confia, your transactions are processed and monitored to ensure legal compliance.


Simplify in-store, online, and delivery payments and expand payment options for safer, more efficient dispensary banking.

Boost Revenue & Customer Loyalty

Enable convenient transaction capabilities

Line-by-line Transaction Details

See every transaction in real time

Secure Processing

Process cashless B2B payments safely and automatically

Streamline Bookkeping

Seamlessly intergrate with accounting software

Compliant Cashless ATMs

Utilize direct-route ACH transfers between accounts

Stand Alone or Fully Integrated POS

Never purchase a wireless terminal or ask customers to download an app

Extensive Banking Solutions


Dispensaries require sizable banking support to grow their businesses, consolidate brands, and boost sales.

With Confia, you can easily keep track of finances remotely and maintain stock by digitally paying for merchandise.

Conduct transactions with added convenience, security, and speed, so you can focus on providing products they want and customer service they deserve.

Business Marketplace Transfers

Confia allows for an unrestricted flow of money between dispensaries and other members of the cannabis supply chain. As a dispensary member, you gain access to fast and secure B2B and consumer payments. We facilitate your financial operations with reliable payment processing and adherence to regulations.

Time-saving Onboarding Procedures

Typically, a cannabis dispensary has trouble finding a bank to work with, but Confia lets you open an FDIC-eligible account without hassle. Our simple onboarding process means you’ll be able to purchase products for your store in no time, and start to sell to customers.

Dispensary Benefits

User-friendly Platform

Save time so you can focus on your customers

Enhanced Efficiency

Obtain in-demand products easily for your dispensary’s customers

Secure Processing

Process cashless B2B payments safely and automatically

Well-stocked Inventory

Keep up with consumer demand and stand out in the competitive market

Happy Customers

Provide superior customer service through convenient payment options and consistent supply

Bigger Market Share

Reach more customers and increase referrals with our integrated dispensary banking solutions

Our Service Plans

Confia provides cannabis operators with a full scope of banking services at competitive rates.

Confia Network


B2B Payments ($5 per transaction)
ConfiaPay (B2C Payments) 2.25%
Payroll & eChecks
Factoring & Lending Access
Connects to External Bank Account

Most Popular!

Confia Financial

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Business Marketplace Payments
Cash Deposits
Lending Program Access
Digital Check Deposits
Cashiers Checks
B2B Payments
Incoming/Outgoing ACH & Wires
Stop Order on Checks


Let's Work Together

Contact us to simplify your cannabis operation and banking services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dispensaries have bank accounts?

Due to the legal restrictions imposed by the federal government, cannabis operators, including dispensaries, usually struggle to find affordable, reliable banking services. Banks are generally hesitant to cooperate with them because they deem cannabis companies as high-risk. 

Confia is a banking service developed specifically for cannabis business operators. We’re here to support and help mitigate many of the risk factors associated with the industry. Our memberships include rapid onboarding, FDIC-eligible bank accounts, and unlimited account balance. You’ll be able to transfer money and buy your merchandise by logging onto our easy-to-use platform. 

Where do dispensaries get their products?

Most dispensaries rely on growers, extractors, and wholesalers to stock their inventory. They need a reliable supply of products to keep their operations going. Growing, extracting, and manufacturing cannabis products require a different set of resources and are most often produced by different licensed entities in the cannabis supply chain. 

A dispensary needs to find the products that cater to their target clientele, identify the suppliers that produce quality goods, and purchase them. This process is made easier with reliable banking services.

How do suppliers sell to dispensaries?

Pressure on the cannabis industry to conduct business using strictly cash payments put the suppliers at risk of being fined, losing their license, and going out of business. This is why revolutionary financial networks like Confia designed dependable dispensary banking solutions

Our platform is ideal for dispensaries looking for a streamlined, affordable, and secure marketplace to help purchase goods from suppliers. Both retailers and suppliers can rest at ease.

What to look for in a cannabis banking partner?

In order to get the best cannabis dispensary banking account, make sure that your provider offers a toolkit that fits your needs, such as:

  • Simple on-boarding
  • State of the art, user-friendly platform
  • FDIC-eligible bank accounts with unlimited balance
  • Transparent and fully compliant banking solutions
  • Access to funding

Confia memberships, including our full-suite Financial Membership and our practical Transact Membership, cover services that are essential to every thriving dispensary. Contact us for more information.

Where can I find robust dispensary banking solutions?

Confia is a leading financial business committed to raising the bar for dispensary banking with every service we provide. Contact us to find a solution that works best for you.

We can also give dispensaries a variety of funding opportunities as well as source capital for other cannabis operators. Select your package, reach out to us, and stand out in a rapidly expanding industry.