Integrated Cannabis Merchant Transaction Services

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Cannabis Transaction Account

Confia helps cannabis operators handle industry-specific challenges by offering multiple membership options, including our fine-tuned cannabis transaction services. Our Transact Membership package is ideal for marketplace sellers looking for consistent support. It provides retailers with a comprehensive toolkit that covers business marketplace payments, payroll processing, consumer Web/POS payments, lending program access, and other perks. We facilitate your financial operations with flexible, fairly priced, and compliant services designed to meet your particular demands.


Uncover the full potential of the cannabis industry by opening the best transaction account for dispensaries and other cannabis operators in the supply chain.


Use our straightforward and sophisticated platform to manage your banking operations without worrying about inefficiencies or legal problems.


Protect your legal status and maintain your professional reputation with our transparent data reporting and automated legal compliance.

Lending Program Access

Being able to access ample funding can make a big difference to your business. With Confia’s targeted Transact Membership, you are eligible for our dependable lending program too. Get comprehensive financial assistance that can move your business in the right direction. As part of our cannabis transaction services, we offer financing opportunities coupled with efficient diligence and pre-approval processes at favorable rates.

Why Choose The Best Transaction Account for Cannabis Operators

Robust Service Suite

We offer a wide scope of services as part of one handy transaction service.

Financial Assistance

Confia will clear your path to versatile and reliable funding options.

Payment Processing

Your clients will pay using an easy and convenient digital payment method.

Sharper Focus

With refined banking at your disposal, your focus will be on your company’s growth.

Staff Satisfaction

Our payroll processing ensures you aren’t forced to pay your employees in cash.

Better Market Appeal

Consistent legal compliance means you’ll maintain good standing in the industry.

Our Service Plans

Confia provides cannabis operators with a full scope of banking services at competitive rates.

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Let's Work Together

Confia combines cutting-edge technology and vast experience to give cannabis retailers unparalleled support. Learn more about our comprehensive Transact Membership for cannabis operators. Expedite your growth and take over the industry!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high-risk transaction account?

A high-risk transaction account is a designation sometimes used by banks. It denotes an account that’s given to a company that the bank considers to be a greater potential risk. Cannabis operators, such as CBD sellers, fall in this category because their industry is riddled with possible legal pitfalls. This is why most banks refuse to work with dispensaries and related businesses altogether.

However, if you need a cannabis transaction account, there’s no reason to worry. Confia provides best-in-class banking services, including FDIC-eligible bank accounts with unlimited balance and low-cost cash deposits.

How do dispensaries pay their employees?

As the banking options of cannabis operators are very restricted, they often have no other choice but to pay their staff in cash. While dispensary owners are simply searching for a practical solution to the limitations that are imposed on them, this can cause more harm than good. This practice is looked down upon by the industry as a whole. Plus, since they’re breaking tax laws, it can lead to legal repercussions.  

Confia offers the best alternative to this risky practice. With our cannabis transaction services, you’ll have access to fast and secure transfers, digital consumer payments, and effortless payroll processing. Contact us today to learn more.

Why do dispensaries need payroll processing services?

Payroll influences employee morale and your business’s reputation. Your staff will be more productive and motivated if they can rely on a consistent payroll system. This improves employee satisfaction and retention, which reflects positively on your business. 

Confia can help you build a trusting relationship with your employees by providing quality payroll management as part of the Confia Transact Membership package. Choose the best for your business with our extensive cannabis transaction services.

How do dispensaries get loans?

Since banks are reluctant to cooperate with the cannabis industry, cannabis operators’ road to funding is usually rocky. However, there are still financial networks, like Confia, which open up new pathways for cannabis operators. We offer the best transaction accounts for CBD sellers and other cannabis operators. With our assistance, you’ll obtain an inflow of capital combined with expedited due diligence, pre-approval reporting, automated quotes in real time, and transparent rates. Reach out to us today to get your loan after a swift onboarding process.

Where can I find efficient cannabis transaction services?

Confia is one of the pioneers in the cannabis financial services sector, with a developing network currently covering California and Massachusetts. 

Apart from extensive cannabis transaction services, we offer a comprehensive banking suite for operators in search of steady expert support. We also facilitate your payroll management procedures as well as bring operators convenient lending solutions with a special focus on extensive dispensary funding.

Contact us today and join our network after a rapid onboarding process. Become a market leader with reliable allies by your side!